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Zip Code Plays Season One – Supplemental Information

The Zip Code Plays: Los Angeles
Supplemental Press Information
Season One


90012: DTLA  – Clara and Serra and The Talking Bear
written by Angela J. Davis; directed by Steven Robman; starring Tony Amendola, Luis Kelly-Duarte, Abby Marks

  • Click here to learn about lawyer, suffrage leader, and founder of the public defender movement Clara Shortridge Foltz
  • Click here to read about extinct, prehistoric short-faced bear genus Arctodus
  • Click here for information about Franciscan priest and founder of the California missions, Father Junipero Serra,
    and click here to read about the toppling of his statue in DTLA in June, 2020
  • Click here for everything you need to know about Comet Neowise


90272: Pacific Palisades – Annexing the Palisades
written by Alex Goldberg; directed by Ann Noble; starring Nike Doukas, Harry Groener, Adrian LaTourelle

  • Click here to read “What really happened at Rustic Canyon’s rumored Nazi ranch?” at Curbed LA


90011: South Central Los Angeles – Speakeasy
written by Khari Wyatt; directed by Bernadette Speakes; starring Bernard K. Addison, Lloyd Roberson II, Marlow Wyatt

  • Click here to read about what Central Avenue was like in it’s heyday at Curbed LA: “Mapping the jazz clubs that made Central Avenue swing”


91352: Sun Valley   Salvage
written by Steve Serpas; directed by Julia Fletcher; starring Gigi Bermingham and Jon Chaffin

  • Click here to read the story in the Los Angeles Times: “A Dump or Paradise? : With 50 Junkyards, Sun Valley May Be the ‘Auto Wrecking Capital’ of California, but Many Residents Brag of a Small-Town Ambiance”


90024: Westwood All Information Herein Is Classified
written by Deb Hiett; directed by Carolyn Ratteray; starring Dawn Didawick, Bo Foxworth, Catia Ojeda

  • Click here to read about the street protest in Westwood on June 1, 2020
  • Click here to read about the street protest in Westwood on July 26, 2020
  • Click here to read about the street protest in Westwood on Oct. 1, 2020


90403: Santa Monica – Plucker 
written by Nayna Agrawal; directed by Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx; starring Veralyn Jones, Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier, Marcelo Tubert

  • Click here to read the article at LAist: “Is It OK To Take Avocados And Other Fruits From Your Neighbor’s Tree? LA’s Favorite Question, Revisited”
  • Click here to learn about the College Streets of Santa Monica