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This Is Not a True Story – Reviews

Stage Raw 
STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDED… inventively told, sprinkled with humor and, ultimately, graced with a moving ending… outstanding performances.” — G. Bruce Smith, Stage Raw

Hollywood Progressive
OUTSTANDING… Thought-provoking, highly entertaining… Hilarity, poignancy and above all, insight into the damage that racial stereotyping causes ensues… nuanced performances that are sometimes, tragic, sometimes comic and always on point.” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Haines His Way
FOUR STARS…  nearly a laugh a minute…  a wonderful new comedy that makes you think differently about the racial stereotyping of our classic literary characters.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

People’s World
INTRIGUING… uses surrealist hilarity and preposterousness to tackle the often implicit, invisible prejudices theatrical audiences are so accustomed to seeing and loving, never realizing how hurtful they are… The imaginative staging is especially playful.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

USC Annenberg Media 
BEAUTIFULLY explores representation, exposes racism in theater and film.” — Caitlin Roehmholdt, USC Annenbeg Media
A THOUGHT-PROVOKING commentary on the importance of breaking asian stereotypes written in some of the orientalist stories you may know. despite the serious subject matter, i loved the humor infused throughout the show and of course, the female empowerment!” — Keshia Sih-Tseng, blogger/influencer

The Hollywood Times
VIBRANT… brilliantly ironic in dismantling the very stereotypes it presents.” — Robert St. Martin, The Hollywood Time

Seoulite TV
AMAZING… this is exactly how I think theater should be done in 2023… a comic rebellion against the characters that created this archetype… a beautiful, beautiful production.” — Sean Lim, Seoulite TV

The Nerds of Color 
AN EYE-OPENER that uses subtle humor and the crude truth of our history surrounding the stereotypes forced upon Asian women… ends on a hopeful message that we as Asian women can write our story and happy ending.” — Laura Sirikul, The Nerds of Color

Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative 
DYNAMIC, COMPELLING AND SO FUN TO WATCH… a uniquely creative way to deconstruct a longstanding and oft discussed issue of stereotyping and objectifying the Asian female without hammering our heads with pedantry.” — Alison Minami, Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LA FPI)