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Titus Andronicus – Reviews

Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes
GRIPPING… [a] splendid production… Ellen Geer has done a terrific job in making a play filled with many characters and detailed action comprehensible to a modern audience… .passionate playing at its very best.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

BOISTEROUS, UNSPARINGDELIVERS THE GOODS… Director Ellen Geer smartly associates perpetual war, double standards, backroom dealings, fluid loyalties, and mindless violence in fictional Rome to the present day… offers unusual depth in difficult roles” — Ravi Narasimhan,

Hollywood Progressive / People’s World
“Absolutely perfect for the unfolding presidential race and the ongoing so-called ‘war on terror’… the highly kinetic mise-en-scène makes splendid, thrilling use of Topanga’s natural environment… for those who love their theatre adventurous and thought provoking, strap on your sandals, dash to Topanga and DON’T MISS IT! This just might be the best play currently on L.A.’s boards.” —Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive and People’s World

Fume of Sighs
CONSISTENTLY ENTERTAINING… Titus Andronicus is not often performed, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.” — Dena Burroughs, Fume of Sighs

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… compelling horror… an all-star cast of captivating actors” — Imaan Jalali, LA Excites