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TOM – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
“Brings VISCERAL INTENSITY to the horrors of that shameful chapter in our nation’s history… With depth and nuance, Gerald C. Rivers reclaims the title role from its more contemporary pejorative associations.” — Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

People’s World
HEARTBREAKING… presciently ponder[s] the plight of Blacks after the Reconstruction Era, but also in our own times.” — Ed Rampell, People’s World

LA Splash
BRILLIANT… a moving and kaleidoscopic tale of slavery set in the natural, expansive Theatricum Botanicum amphitheater…. powerfully brings to life a shameful time in American history.” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

The Fume of Sighs
IMPORTANT… the story comes to life vividly” — Dena Burroughs, The Fume of Sighs

Long Beach Times
SHOULD BE SEEN BY ALL… superb directing and stage adaptation… will have a profound effect on you long after you have left the theater” — Wilfred Phillips, Long Beach Times

Topanga Messenger
PROVIDE[S] UNIQUE INSIGHT… highlights the true characteristics of the strong, determined, loving “Uncle Tom” alongside the brutal nature of America’s slave-trading past… standout performers… viewing TOM, we are reminded of the importance of the great novel and the impact of literature and art to create social change.” — Justin Biel, Topanga Messenger