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Too Much Sun – Reviews

Theatre Notes
PLENTY OF LAUGHS… vivid, unique characters of considerable subtlety and intensity… an emotional climax [and] a touching dénoument.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

LA Splash
SPLASH SELECTION…. well written, beautifully acted, and has just the right amount of pain and pleasure, laughs and tears.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Stage and Cinema
INVOLVING AND EMOTIONALLY EXPANSIVE… comedy and drama… changing emotional tones that give the play its resonance and impact.” — Samuel Garza Bernstein, Stage and Cinema

Will Call for Theater 
SUBSTANCE, HUMOR AND HEART … You leave the theatre as you would at the end of a great repast. Well sated and anxious to share all the delights with your friends… Director Bart DeLorenzo’s talented touch boosts every scene. The cast is formidable… A must see!.” — Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theater

People’s World
SPLENDID… a wonderful production that is a representative example of this playwright’s quirky offbeat work. It also helps seeing the hilarity in the lousy hand life sometimes deals out. Highly recommended!” —Eric Gordon, People’s World

Los Angeles Blade 
SHINES… a play about transformation that acknowledges the pain that comes along with change even as it makes us laugh.” — John Paul King, Los Angeles Blade

Curtain Up 
“[A] GEM OF A PRODUCTION… great words of dialogue… talented actors… Go see it; you will be well rewarded!” — Bonnie Priever, Curtain Up

Total Theater
TOUCHING… flits between light and dark, humor and tragedy, in Joe Orton fashion.” — Will Manus, Total Theater