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Trouble The Water – Reviews

Stage Raw
STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDEDEPIC… Rivers’s staging shines in capturing this chaos of the era and the momentous emergence of Smalls as an American hero… Ellen Geer’s reworking of Rebecca Dwight Bruff’s 2019 award-winning historical novel is skillful.” — Amanda L. Andrei, Stage Raw

Hollywood Progressive
STUNNING… [A] MUST SEE… As powerful as the content is, Water is related in an entertaining way.” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Theatre Notes
A TERRIFIC SHOW WITH A STERLING CAST.” – Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

People’s World
RICH, PANORAMIC… Without being reductive or simplistic, this is the theater of the “Good Trouble” Resistance, inspiring, hopeful, true to history—not romanticized in the commercial Les Mis style… do not miss this great epic experience!” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

The Canyon Chronicle 
A TOUR-DE-FORCE… filled with trauma, small moments of joy, heartbreak and lingering tragedy… a theatrical stunner that brings the truth of America’s dark past up close and uncomfortable, yet we can be proud to see that someone like Smalls is part of our legacy of what freedom really means.” — Annemarie Donkin, The Canyon Chronicle

EXHILARATING… fast-paced… an extraordinary cast… a great opportunity to revisit the facts that made the US what it is today.” — Joe Mosqueda, Glamgical

Larchmont Buzz 
MONUMENTAL… Some stories are so significant that they leave you asking, ‘How did I not know about this before?’… beautifully adapted for the stage.” — Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

IMPORTANT… as sprawling as the sweep of this man’s life… director Gerald C. Rivers utilizes every inch of the Theatricum’s sprawling stage… a stellar cast.” — Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

Circling the News
PASSION AND INTENSITY… explodes with activity and action, fully utilizing the open-air stage among the trees at the Theatricum Botanicum… the actors inhabit their roles with verve and purpose.” — Laurel Busby, Circling the News

Stage Scene LA 
WOW!ILLUMINATING, EMOTION-PACKED… [Robert] Smalls’ remarkable achievements before, during, and after the American Civil War can now be appreciated and celebrated under Topanga stars… a much-needed history lesson brought vividly to life by more than two-dozen players.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Stage and Cinema
POWERFULEPIC… Packed with facts, suspense, humor, and love… an awesome show.” — Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema