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Two Trains Running – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICEA REMARKABLE REVIVAL… funny, crisp dialogue worthy of classic comedy and monologues of dreams deferred that will break your heart…. towering performances… NOT-TO-BE-MISSED” — F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

Stage Raw
ACHINGLY HUMAN AND ALIVEAN EXPLOSION OF THEATRICAL ARTISTRY…. The brilliance of Michele Shay’s direction lies in setting the actors free to explore every nook and cranny of their characters’ emotional ramblings… a production that is a true work of art, the kind that doesn’t come around very often” — Stephen Fife, Stage Raw

LA Observed
A GLOWING PRODUCTION… vivid roles… juicy performances.” — Don Shirley, LA Observed

Stage Scene LA
WOW!POWERFULLY STAGED AND PERFORMED… offers almost as many laughs as there is dramatic conflict under Michele Shay’s incisive direction.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Theatre Notes
EXTRAORDINARY… Under the flawless direction of Michele Shay, this ensemble of superb actors is sensational… SEE THIS SHOW!” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Donloe’s Lowdown
E (EXCELLENT)…. A THEATRICAL FEAST… rich, layered, interesting characters… vibrant portrayals… a fluid and crisp directorial triumph!” — Darlene Donloe, Donloe’s Lowdown

Stage and Cinema
RIVETING… highly rewarding… Wilson remains unsurpassed at catching people in the act of anything with such poetic authenticity that it’s no act at all.” — Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

Discover Hollywood
HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDA TRULY REMARKABLE PRODUCTION… tackles race, relevancy, and self-worth in an exquisite dialogue-driven slice of life filed with lovely, nuanced performances from a flawless ensemble of skilled actors” — Kathy Flynn, Discover Hollywood

Long Beach Times Newspaper
RECOMMENDED POWERFUL” — Wilfred M. Phillips Jr., Long Beach Times

LA Splash
A SUPERB ENSEMBLE… the efforts of the production team yield splendid results… a treat which the theater aficionado cannot afford to miss” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Curtain Up
AN A-GAME… [Director] Michele Shay recognizes the playwright’s beats and breaths, and her cast teases out the weight of Two Trains with real grace.” — Evan Henerson, Curtain Up

People’s World 
A TRIUMPH… excels flawlessly… a tight ensemble who play off one another like hyperkinetic pinballs” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Haines His Way