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Uncanny – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
COMPLEX, INTRIGUING AND FREQUENTLY FUNNY… richly layered… very entertaining” — F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

Orange County Register
EXTRAORDINARY, the type of theater ICT has always excelled at: Intelligent, intriguing, thought-provoking, exhilarating, and magnificently crafted.” — Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes
FAST-PACED, FUNNY AND TOUCHING… [a] smart script, a first class cast, and a handsome production” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING… something you have to see to experience, and International City Theatre’s production did this imaginative show justice… outstanding talent” — George Brietigam, Broadway World

LA Excites
WE ARE RIVETED… an astounding play that compels us to ask deep questions about ourselves and where we’re headed… a terrific script by Thomas Gibbons, meticulous direction by caryn desai, and powerfully comprehensive performances by Jacob Sidneynd Susan Denaker.” — Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

L.A. Theatre Bites

ENJOYABLEIMPRESSIVE… both actors were great… a good show” —  Patrick Chavis, L.A. Theatre Bites
Grunion Gazette
FASCINATING… Explores artificial intelligence intelligently…[a] riveting exploration of humanity, mortality and how technology both helps and threatens us.” — Chris Carpenter, Grunion Gazette

RIVETING… delightful humor and emotional depth” — Anita W. Harris, Signal Tribune

WOW!… [a] fascinating, discussion-prompting, edge-of-your seat two-hander” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA