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Underneath the Freeways – Reviews

SUBTLE, SMART AND STRIKING… The actors are game, each performance as solid as the next… a fairly stellar piece of agitprop, grounded in the all too real neo-noir heart of LA and powered by scripting, performing, and direction.” — Noah J. Nelson, No Proscenium

A FUN NIGHTPERFORMANCES ARE STUNNING… absolutely sharp and quick in dealing with multiple questioners – sometimes all at once.” — Tracey Paleo, Broadway World

SPONTANEOUS, IMMEDIATE AND AUTHENTIC. In fact, it’s so real that audience members become passionately invested in getting answers from recalcitrant or untrustworthy witnesses.” — Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

FUN (AND DECIDELY UNIQUE)… performances could not be better… offers audiences starved for live theater the chance to connect and be entertained at the same time.” — Stage Scene LA’s Steven Stanley via Facebook

FASCINATING… integrates history and live theater in a highly creative way.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines