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Yaacobi & Leidental – Reviews

Stage Raw 
SPLENDID… Benny Hill meets Samuel Beckett… How primal is the disconnect between people, particularly between men and women? Will there ever be a time we can call it history? I wouldn’t miss this production for laying out those questions so smartly and stylishly… STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDED.” — Steven Leigh Morris, Stage Raw

The TVolution
A FARCICAL CRUCIBLE… WITH MUSIC!… A vast fun house full of mirrored ideas, concepts, and perceptions that at first glance may seem illusionary and distorted but look again. The clarity of those reflections is perfection… director Yonatan Esterkin has admirably succeeded in bringing [Israeli playwright Hanoch] Levin to American audiences.” — Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution

People’s World
PROVOCATIVE IRONY, HUMOR, BAWDINESS… Theatre as resistance… over-the-top commedia dell’arte personas, never descending into rank slang or clichés.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

On Stage Los Angeles 
SEE THIS PLAY!… text and subtext with wonderful performances… unique and beautifully presented.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles