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Radical – Reviews

Stage Raw 
STAGE RAW TOP 10COMPELLING, RELATABLE… a character-driven play that offers persuasive portraits of three troubled women, while also highlighting the intricacies and ambivalences that so often characterize the bond between siblings… RECOMMENDED.” — Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

Angeles Stage
INTRIGUING… keep[s] us on the edge of our seats.” — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage

Broadway World 
COMPASSIONATE… the playwright cares about an America that has engendered these three damaged souls.” — Evan Henerson, Broadway World

Splash Magazines 
TIMELY…[actors] Ramos, LaMadrid, and Griffin give their all in this tale of cultural conflict, family estrangement, and desperate loneliness… will appeal to audience members who strive to understand culture clashes – and how radicalization can happen to people just below their level of awareness.” — Elaine Mura, Splash magazines

Gia On The Move
RECOMMENDED… traverses the nuanced, negative space and intimate trajectory of how trauma, socio-economic injustice, and loneliness put all of these women on a path to extremism… You can’t stop watching. You can’t stop ‘listening’. And you can’t stop ‘believing.’ ” — Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Discover Hollywood
PASSIONATE… explores the political sides of different parties by pulling two sisters apart.” — Amalisha HuEck, Discover Hollywood

The Nerds of Color 
RIVETING… [an] extraordinarily strong ensemble cast… bristles and moves at frenetic speed while also taking its time during moments of gravitas and vulnerability… this is the type of art I encourage folks to see.” — Edward Hong, The Nerds of Color