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The Bluest Eye – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
UNFLINCHING WISDOM… summon[s] the essence of the novel to powerful life onstage.” — Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

The Nerds of Color
AN ASTOUNDING WORK OF ART… If you want to see theatre at its finest with all the cylinders firing, do not hesitate and go watch The Bluest Eye immediately.” — Edward Hong, The Nerds of Color

Larchmont Buzz 
RHYTHM AND REPETITION, MOVEMENT AND MUSIC… The poetry and power of the Morrison novel come alive onstage in this seminal and deeply affecting work.” — Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

Pasadena Weekendr
DARK AND STIRRING… rich with deeply moving narrative.” — Eddie Rivera, Pasadena Now

People’s World
PITCHPERFECT… a peerless cast… painfully exposes the poisonous effects of systemic racism and the heartbreak of shame, all the while retaining the distinctively rich and lyrical language of Morrison’s novel…. Few theatergoers will leave untouched by this courageous little miracle.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

NoHo Arts District
MAGICAL AND UNMISSABLE… a timeless, aching story that needed to be told… an absolutely dazzling production and the actors are utterly sublime.” — Lisa Bianconi,

Colorado Boulevard 
BEAUTIFULLY DONESO IMPORTANTFANTASTIC.” —  Carol Edger Germain, Colorado Boulevard

Hollywood Revealed
A CAUTIONARY TALE THAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN… haunting, achingly painful.” — Todd Gaebe, Hollywood Revealed 
POWERFUL, LYRICALSWEEPING… a searing story of the shame, humiliation, and pain of simply being born black in 1940’s America.” — Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan

Haines His Way
LYRICAL AND POETIC… A finely tuned ensemble… there is still joy to be found here.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Along Comes Mary
ASTOUNDING… Yes, it is that good and powerful… hands down some of the best performances I’ve ever seen… book your tickets now… should not be missed.” — Mary Farah, Along Come Mary

Stage and Cinema
IMPECCABLE… director Andi Chapman helms her creative team, crew, and incredibly talented ensemble of actors to create an exemplary vision which is as vibrantly joyful as it is distressingly tragic.” — Lawrence Lucero, Stage and Cinema

LA Theatrix
A MOVING MUST-SEE… deftly dramatiz[es] Toni Morrison’s novel… fluidly directed… a stellar cast… immerses the audience in what internalized racism feels like and the toll it exacts on vulnerable souls… emotionally powerful.” — Anita W. Harris, LA Theatrix

Local News Pasadena 
EVOCATIVEACCOMPLISHED… Neither the passage of time nor the ongoing attempts to erase Morrison’s voice have dulled its purifying blaze… what you will witness will forever change your way of seeing.” — Victoria Thomas, Local News Pasadena

BRILLIANT… the action moves seamlessly… makes it possible to move beyond our past.” — Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

The Hollywood Times
DEEPLY POETIC” — Robert St. Martin, The Hollywood Times