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Archy and Mehitabel – Reviews

Stage Raw 
STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDED… The humor is authentic and grabbing, and the deeper thoughts never trite… pro voice actors [who] know how to create distinct, bold characters with the slightest shifts in timbre and stance… You might find yourself lingering in the secret world long after the curtain has fallen.” — Stage Raw

Entertainment Today
ULTRACLEVER… A show that lifts your spirits, tickles your funny bone, sparks your imagination, and fills you with wonderment about nature and our so-called ‘human nature.’ “  Entertainment Today

On Stage Los Angeles
ENGAGING AND REALLY FUNNY… at once charming and philosophical melding with the metaphysical and spiritual.” — On Stage Los Angeles

Ticket Holders LA  
CHARMINGLY INVENTIVE AND SURPRISINGLY TOPICAL… every one of the ensemble members is a standout [with] balls-out comedic skills… deserves a not-so secret future that includes access for kids of all ages.” — Ticket Holders LA

Splash Magazines
DELIGHTFUL… This is a hilarious and thought-provoking piece which will charm, titillate, and warm the hearts of everyone in the theater. A winner!” — Splash Magazines

NoHo Arts District
MAGICAL AND TRANSPORTATIONAL AND UTTERLY UNFORGETTABLE… an absolutely brilliant piece of theatre… It gleams and sparkles with wit, humor, and an utterly unique and gorgeously whimsical nature…. I loved this play. Every second of it.” —

Arts Beat LA
A DELIGHTFUL PIECE OF WHIMSY… what a cast, what a script!… don’t miss this wonderful production!” — Arts Beat LA

ENDEARING FUNNY… Extraordinary direction by Moosie Drier and mesmerizing performances by all five actors.” — Glamgical

Theatre Notes
DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING… [the] cast is utterly superb… Don’t let this smash show escape you. See it!” — Theatre Notes 
IMAGINATIVE… The cast does an outstanding job of bringing Gilvezan’s clever adaptation of Marquis’ creation to life, under Moose Drier’s direction.” — Jordan Young, theater blogger

Omg it was hilaaaaarious, yeah like sooo funny. The old man roach, and a guy in his underwear even, and we loved the dancing farm bug thing and especially the spider. We thought it was so funny for real, bro. Yeah, so we loved it.” — The Patino Bros (2nd & 4th grade)