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Cyrano – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICE… inspired and inspiring… Sachs’ moving adaptation transposes Rostand’s archetypal heroic outsider into a gifted coffeehouse poet whose inferiority complex is rooted in his deafness rather than his perfectly normal nose.” — Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

IRRESISTABLE… explor[es] the nature of being deaf — and in a larger sense, being just plain different — in a majority culture.” — Bob Verini, Variety

Back Stage
CLEVER AND DEEPLY MOVING… bring[s] Rostand’s poetry-spewing protagonist to life using ASL, spoken word, and e-language.” — Travis Michael Holder, Backstage West

LA Weekly
ROMANTIC… What happens when you try to tell a truth that lies deep in your heart, and it can’t be heard? … Cyrano brings that idea home… [a] glorious swirl of words floating around the stage, sometimes connected, sometimes disembodied from the speakers uttering them, sometimes signed, sometimes broadcast via video screens.” — Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

TRULY REMARKABLE… terrific performances and dazzling video design.” — Terry Morgan, LAist

Troy Kotsur is PERFECTION… full of passion, integrity, and enough kinetic energy to power a city.” — Samuel Bernstein, Eye Spy LA

Talkin’ Broadway
… Sachs’s adaptation makes deafness a natural fit.” — Sharon Perlmutter, Talkin’ Broadway

Latin Heat
AN EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCTION OF A TERRIFIC PLAYbrilliant writing… filled with laughs, and romantics will glory in its ending.: — Dale Reynolds, Latin Heat